Smarter Homes

For a Smarter Home, Build with SIPs
Habitech Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) are an energy-efficient prefabricated modular-design system.
Habitech Panels
Our company has gained exclusive New Zealand rights to a superior structurally insulated panel system.  Habitech Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) are architectural panels that double as exterior cladding to a create modern, super-strong and highly insulated home. SIPs allow for full design flexibility and deliver efficient factory build timeframes to improve delivery of high-performance housing.

Habitech Wall Panel Special Features:

  • Energy efficient – super insulated 170mm thick walls! Finished exterior product (MGO mixed with 50% recycled timber)
  • Rapid build time – no extra external cladding required, unlike other SIPs products
  • Healthier and warmer – True R 4.3 energy rating
  • Cost competitive in comparison to other SIPS panels available in New Zealand
  • Modular panels- 900mm wide up to 3 metres tall. Glue-free construction
  • High-Grade Structural Ply interior surface providing added strength which does not off-gas like some other OSB board SIPS panels
  • Australasian design and manufacture

Smarter Homes are built with SIPS by Habitech SystemsHabitech System. Council Consent. CodeMark

For the Habitech SIPS system to meet Building Consent requirements, such as weather tightness, durability and structural advantages, it has been through stringent local councils build criteria.
Habitech exceeds many building code requirements, such as in performance, strength and durability.
It provides a complete system that is incomparable to most other SIPS products. The CodeMark product-certification scheme is highly expensive and removes responsibility from councils to ensure products meet the standards they originally approved. With Habitech, we sat down with multiple council staff to work through its superior performance.

Habitech’s innovative building design technology is driven by sustainability, taking advantage of environmentally-friendly materials and processes. The resulting homes can be constructed quickly and efficiently, have a high-end architectural look with low running costs and emissions

Habitech Wall Panels – Structural Insulated Panels
Habitech’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a system of interlocking wall and roof components optimised to be as high-quality, strong and energy-efficient as possible. The panels are all manufactured to spec prior to construction, minimising material waste and construction time. SIPs allow our buildings to be as sustainable as possible whilst minimising cost. Learn more.

Low Maintenance Cladding
Habitech uses Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Board as the external cladding on our modular panels. MgO board is a new generation of high-performance construction material. Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud nominated MgO as one of his 10 ‘green heroes’ of 2011, for its ability to absorb CO2 during its manufacture. Learn more.

Effective Insulation
Habitech utilises the fine tolerances of factory manufacturing to produce panellised Insulation with minimal gaps. This maximises the effective insulation which is superior to traditional insulation such as pink batts and blankets. Learn more.

Energy Systems
We utilise heat recovery ventilation systems to drive the energy and fresh air performance of our Performance Homes. In line with our sustainable design philosophy, we consider the home’s energy systems as part of an integrated system designed to keep you comfortable. Learn more.